Based on a scientific approach and thorough research, we’ve included the good stuff your dog needs – among others, high-grade animal-source protein, added deboned meat as well as meat meal, high-quality fats with the correct ratio of omega-3:omega-6 oils, human-grade rice, gluten-free sorghum, diatomaceous earth, prebiotics, glucosamine and chondroitin, taurine, carnitine and more.
At the same time, we’ve left out what is not good or beneficial for your dog – wheat and maize (which contain glutena big no-no as far as dog nutrition goes!), plant-source protein, soya and meat derivatives such as feet, feathers and heads.
With Ultimate Canine Nutrition we were able to create an exceptional equilibrium between the benefits of raw food, and the overall nutrition and convenience that kibbles offer.


Ultimate Canine Nutrition is manufactured in South Africa. We therefore bypass the additional costs involved with importing bulk ingredients from overseas suppliers. This puts us in the enviable position to be able to offer this high-end product at a reasonable cost to the market. We pledge to keep prices as low as possible, so that an increasing number of owners can afford to feed their dogs with our premium product and see the benefits this nutritional feed offers.


We do not take shortcuts as far as the quality of our product is concerned. We specify the ingredients in detail, pro-cure only from trusted and verified suppliers, and do laboratory tests to substantiate the quality of the ingredients before going into production. We, furthermore, adhere to quality control measures during production to monitor compliance to production specifications and ensure consistency in our product.
We are registered with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development and comply with the department’s regulations that refer to the quality of and food safety for agricultural products.


Ultimate Canine Nutrition consists of a full range of products to satisfy the dietary requirements of all dogs, ranging from puppies to adult dogs, pregnant dogs and senior dogs. We furthermore make provision for dogs that need to control or lose weight, those that are allergic to chicken, or those suffering from kidney or liver problems. We even have a weaning porridge which is suitable as the first food during the puppy’s weaning phase. This veterinary range also provides for multiple veterinary needs and has led in many cases to remarkable improvements seen in animals’ health.
We also offer a range of herbal products to assist with specific health problems and to enhance the overall wellbeing of dogs.


In contrast to many other dog foods, Ultimate Canine Nutrition was developed by an avid working-dog enthusiast and a veterinarian with a specialist dog fertility veterinary practice, along with an animal nutritionist. We know, love and understand dogs. We also know what is good for them and what can harm them, and we’ve developed a range of food that is in their best interest.


We’d even go as far as to say that we are not here for side shows such as elaborate marketing campaigns, fancy marketing material and supposedly clever jargon to try to impress the customer. We would rather put our energy into providing the best food for your dog. Our gratification comes from seeing your happiness when your dog is in good health, energetic and vibrant.
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