Ultimate Canine Nutrition was developed by working-dog trainer Nadine Snyman and specialist veterinarian Dr Rachel Shuttleworth from the Cape Animal Fertility Clinic (www.animalfertility.co.za) in Stellenbosch, South Africa, along with an animal nutritionist.
As part of her specialised work in dog fertility, Dr Shuttleworth identified the need for breeder-focused nutrition. This led to the development of Ultimate Canine Nutrition, initially with the requirements of high-activity and high-producing animals in mind. As the demand for the product grew, Ultimate Canine Nutrition was also introduced to the general market to offer the benefits of this premium, yet affordable, dog food to more dog owners.
“We know, love and understand dogs. Also important to us are people, and we value the bond between humans and their dogs. Our aim is to help keep dogs healthy and to minimize the need for medical treatment. The correct diet, exercise and general care makes this possible.“
Dr. Rachel Shuttleworth

Our values at Ultimate Canine Nutrition are to:

  • Run our business with integrity;
  • Produce a product which only contains nutritious and high-quality ingredients;
  • Make the product available at the most affordable price, while still allowing for the sustainability of our business;
  • Provide business opportunities for motivated individuals to work with us;
  • Provide work and growth opportunities for our employees;
  • Assist with animal and human welfare within our capacity to do so;
  • Procure raw materials as far as possible only from South African suppliers;
  • Operate with environmental awareness; and
  • Honour and respect other producers in the pet food industry.

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